Saturday, August 30, 2014

Start Up blog - our experiences - Spokane and Inland Northwest

Hi.  Happy to be able to do another blog start up to blog some of our experiences now that we have relocated to Spokane, Washington.   Came to assist with grandchildren in winter 2012, took a small apartment spring 2013, took a larger condo winter 2013, and officially moved from our home to the condo (downsize this!) Jan 2014.  

Getting reacquainted with Spokane.  It is here that I finished my teen and high school years.  It is here that I married, gave birth to 2 of my 3 children, raised children here, through high school.  I was a career mother of the 1970's, a homeowner with my then husband, and had many responsibilities which kept my head down and focused on the tasks and delights at hand.  However, I missed seeing much of what constitutes Spokane and what was then called Inland Empire, now called Inland Northwest.

Seeing the region through the eyes of my husband of 20 years - post child-rearing years and second marriage, I have seen more of the area than I remember seeing before.   I wanted to blog some of those experiences.

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